Spain’s climate, rich culture, food, and quality of life is world-renowned.

It is fast overtaking Japan to deliver the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.

Its Mediterranean lifestyle has attracted large numbers of Britons and northern Europeans to relocate there either all year round or for many months each year.

Many things are done differently, in the more relaxed Spanish culture.

During these lessons, students are fast-tracked to discover many of the cultural differences that can confound new arrivals.

To Brits, Spaniards often seem brusque in their language, and it is not so if you understand the background.

While Brits are proud of their stoic queuing, the Spanish do it differently.

Spanish food culture is different, less tipping and more eating and of course much later—driving, shopping, Christmas, swearing, weddings, holidays and traditions.

You learn the the cultural differences for a variety of situations which help you in day to day situations in banks, Town Halls, supermarkets, dealing with tradespeople, religious festivals and fiestas which in turn helps you to integrate quickly to be able to feel at home and more confident in predominately Spanish areas.