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Advanced Students – Spoken Spanish practice lessons


James Bretherton’s Spanish School on the Costa Blanca has been established for more than 17 years. But in this current world, his online course option is very popular with students in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. James Bretherton’s core course, the first 50 lessons, qualifies students to start the intensive spoken Spanish practice lessons, which fast track towards fluency.

James Bretherton said, ‘Many intermediate and advanced students come to me, not just beginners. Time after time, I find advanced students who are not yet comfortable with real-world Spanish conversation. Many have not been properly taught the core structure of the Spanish language.

‘I provide that and if students are truly advanced, they can do the core course in a month or two, and then via my streaming lessons, they get the intensive Spoken Spanish practice drills with a range of different speakers, they need to tune their ‘ear’ and gain confidence and speed.  `


‘People regularly say .. But I know all that…. I have done night school for two or three years. I just want to practice hearing and speaking.

 ‘Sorry, but I won’t move on the need for core lessons to bring everyone to the same standard, so here is the solution.

 Step 1. Purchase all of the 50 core lessons, watch every lesson and complete the progress tests. Really advanced students manage to watch and test themselves with speed. The record is 18 days but most do it within 60 days.

 Step 2. Send me a detailed list of the lesson numbers in which you can honestly tell me, you learnt nothing, nothing at all.

 Step 3., I will credit you with spoken Spanish practice lessons free of charge for every one of those online lessons. No questions asked, no arguments, no negotiations!  

 ‘That is a James Bretherton cast-iron guarantee !!!

 ‘So, if you feel you are top of the game, watch the 50 core lessons,as often as you like, do the tests, ask me questions. Its great revision at least. Then if there were 30 lessons in which you learnt nothing, nothing at all. You would get 30 spoken practice lessons free of charge!

 ‘What do you have to lose?

 ‘Then its on to the Spoken Spanish practice lessons, generally around 70-80 minutes, they are quite intense, they come in two or three parts to allow time for your brain to cool.


‘It’s an entertaining mix of ear tuning exercises with a range of different Spanish speakers from the age of seven to 70 and some different regional accents. There are phone conversations, interactive quizzes game shows etcetera. There are memory learning aids to help you and lots of revision exercises. More important vocabulary, keywords, lots of common and often curious Spanish expressions and more.

 To see a glimpse of my spoken Spanish practice lessons go to

 Some comments from current online students…

 IT project manager Susan McGough ‘I started Spanish lessons three years ago, but I felt I should be making more spoken Spanish progress. When I began James’s streaming video course, I found his lessons consolidated my knowledge; the lesson content was excellent and easy to understand. James does not spend time on basics, colours, numbers, clothing, body parts and vegetables. He expects you to know these or learn in your own time. Instead, he focuses on critical things.

 ‘His method of teaching orders and instructions is so much simpler and better than any others. His online tests gave me good targets and showed me precisely what I needed to study more.

 ‘I am really enjoying my progress; it is already making a big difference in daily life. I now have the confidence to attempt to talk Spanish in any situation. ‘

 Michele (Shell) Butters, a retired UK Personnel Director living in Spain, said, ‘I have done a few Spanish courses online, but it wasn’t easy to train my listening skills. I can construct sentences but hearing and understanding longer conversations and questions have been my greatest challenge.

 ‘To progress to James’ spoken classes, I had to complete the 50 core lessons. I learned a huge amount. James simplifies things in a way that no one else does, and I am now well into the spoken section of James’ course. 

  ‘I would say to anyone; it does not matter if you have done several years of study- if you are not confidently fluent, then start at the beginning, refresh, and then really progress. 

 ‘I am loving James spoken Spanish lessons. They are challenging, fun, informative, with a great mixture of speakers of different ages and accents. The course makes you work, but that is why it is successful and why I can progress in the spoken word that I was yearning for. 

 Tony Nelson, a retired Dorset Police Officer, also now in Spain ‘James simplifies the Spanish language learning process. Overall, I found the 50 core lessons immensely beneficial, there were some real eye-openers, and I really enjoyed them. I like his sense of humour a lot too.

 ‘The Spoken Spanish practice lessons are great. I find phone calls, cold calls the very hardest to understand. Once I can figure who is calling and about what, then the understanding comes. So, it is all about practice and more practice, which I am getting now. ‘

 ‘I would highly recommend his course regardless of your Spanish level. It has been incredibly beneficial to me.’

 James commented – ‘‘The key benefit of my simplified teaching method is speed. Many of my students have been taught elements of the Spanish language in a complicated way. They discover that a more straightforward way means constructing conversation faster and that improved speed is essential for fluency.’

 You can watch free demonstration lesson examples at for both the core lessons and the spoken Spanish lesson examples too.

 In just eight minutes the spoken Spanish video will give you a glimpse of how you will be able to shift from slow and painful to full spoken/hearing Spanish, learning to converse at an ever-increasing speed.

Watch the video here online