Great teachers make all the difference

Great teachers make all the difference

James Bretherton – ‘Recommendations from happy students have always been the driver in filling my classes.

Val Eiksund – ‘Such a joy to attend James Spanish School, his teaching methods are inspiring. Without his culture lessons, life and living in Spain could be very different…Saludos profesor’

Jim Donald – ‘Lessons are well structured and enjoyable both on line and in class. You learn not just the language but the culture, the way of life and local issues. Highly recommend. ‘

Michele (Shell) Butters, a retired UK Personnel Director, said, “To progress to James’ spoken classes, I had to complete the fifty core lessons online. I learned a huge amount. James simplifies things in a way that no one else does, and I am now well into the spoken section of James’ course.
‘I would say to anyone; it does not matter if you have done several years of study- if you are not confidently fluent, then start at the beginning, refresh, and then really progress.’

Robert Kothe – ‘I’ve been going to James’s weekly Spanish classes for around three years now. He has put together a brilliant package. James is a great teacher, his lessons simplify the learning process, teaching the essential elements and you progress fast. With his streaming video lessons, we are able to go back and revise at leisure. The online quizzes have really made learning much easier too.’

A retired Dorset police officer, Tony Nelson, says, ‘I had basic Spanish. I have been here for years. I should be fluent by now. So I signed up for James’s online lessons. James simplifies the Spanish language learning process. Overall, I found the core lessons immensely beneficial, there were some real eye-openers, and I really enjoyed them. I like his sense of humour a lot too. Now I am making big advances with the spoken Spanish practice lessons.

IT project manager Susan McGough “James online course is ideal for people that want to learn at their own pace. The lesson content is excellent easy to understand. He does not lose you with the grammar – His method of teaching orders and instructions is so much simpler and better than any others. His online tests gave me good targets and showed me precisely what I needed to study more. ‘it’s already making a big difference in daily life. I have found that I now have the confidence to talk Spanish in any situation.

Lynus Murdoch – ‘James Bretherton is excellent. Well-structured course. As well as teaching the language, he includes sections on the Spanish culture (Spanish weddings, food in Spain, the five daily meals, etc). You will laugh a lot!!’

Deborah Tregold – ‘James is an excellent teacher. Before moving to Spain I went to evening classes at Leeds University for two years, tried Michel Thomas Spanish on CDs, tried Duo Lingo, then weekly coffee mornings but four years later was still only confident ordering a beer or a coffee… then James Spanish School was recommended by a friend. James has a unique way of teaching, I was terrible at school with all the grammar but James makes it all make sense in an easy format and it sticks! He is an excellent teacher and very reliable and organised.

‘The first year was learning all written, no speaking, Second and third years are learning to put what you have learnt into practice easing into spoken ‘I have been going now for three years and I am much more confident, can deal with builders, shops keepers, bars, restaurants, banks, neighbours and the public.’

Sandra Issa – ‘James’s Spanish School makes learning easier. Thoroughly recommend this course, it is very structured and easy to understand. James is a very likeable person and makes the lessons fun but more importantly he explains everything in plain English which makes it much easier. I have done many different courses over the years and this is by far the best.’

Tara Harris – ‘I cannot recommend James highly enough, his professional unique teaching approach achieves results whilst making the learning process fun. James is a qualified teacher therefore has structured lessons and formulas which gets results. 100% mejor professor’

Lorraine Campbell – ”I too, would like to add my personal recommendation for James. As a tutor he is outstanding, and he teaches the language but also explains the Spanish culture which has been invaluable to us as we travel round Spain.’

Carole Sommerville – ‘Highly recommend James for Spanish lessons. I’ve been going since Feb last year and loved the online video lessons during lockdown. Now we’re back in the classroom, I look forward to going every week. James’ sense of humour makes the lessons fun and memorable too!’

Sales executive Dominic H. had night school lessons in the UK and coffee mornings in Spain before joining James in the classroom.
‘I had ‘basic’ Spanish, although it should’ve been much better! ‘People like me might resist the idea of starting from the beginning with James, figuring we know so much already. But, actually, he is teaching you from ‘his’ beginning. In James’ 50 core lessons, he teaches you the language structure. That is why the course is so successful.
“EVERY person in my class states that James is by far the best Spanish teacher they have ever had.’


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