James's Spanish School makes learning easier

James Spanish School makes learning easier

Learning to speak Spanish fluently, as spoken in Spain, has been an aim for British expatriates for many years.

On the south-eastern Spanish coast, one school has become a stand out success, because of its simplified learning techniques.

Bristol-born, Spanish educated English teacher James Bretherton has developed a carefully structured sequence of 50 core lessons, which moves students from reading and writing Spanish to spoken Spanish. These interactive lessons with unlimited tutor access and tests, position students to roll straight into the second part of his course, spoken Spanish on the journey to fluency, which is the overall aim.

You have a choice of classroom or online lesson with homework and class or online tests to teach European Spanish (Castilian), not Mexican or South American Spanish dialects, to English speakers.

Students doing the courses online progress as fast or as slow as they wish. Cramming before or during Spanish holidays or moving to Spain or easing back during busy times. Each streaming video lesson can be watched as many times as you like.

There is a free demonstration lesson from the core course below. (This is not a full lesson, it’s just a 10 minute clip so you can sense the style.)

 Online lessons average 45 minutes, they contain the same content as an hour-long class lesson, but as online students have the notes they don’t have to copy from the blackboard, so that saves time.)