James Spanish School

Spoken Spanish Practice Lessons P1- 50 (Family – one household- multiple logins, with extra learning aids & extended payment terms


Spanish Lessons P1- 50 video, course notes and test, after core 50 only

50 spoken Spanish practice drills


For  a  family – one household- multiple logins – Spanish Lessons P1-50 video, course notes and test, after core lessons 50 only.

This block of lessons has very varied format. There are two or three videos in each lesson (the average lesson is 75 minutes.) They are intense so many students do one video a day, to avoid brain melt.

The real focus of these lessons is ‘tuning’ your ears so that you can understand the ever-faster spoken Spanish that you are confronted with on a daily basis.

Across these lessons, 90% of the time its James extending your ability to speak and understand, but there are 11 different Spanish speakers, ages from seven to 70,  with a wide variety of regional accents in cameo roles.

There is a wide variety of lesson types from Games show formats, to quizzes, some lessons require pre-watching preparation.

Additionally, there are a host of bonus lessons, Spanish expressions,  keywords quizzes and a very addictive Spanish numbers game, the real solution to numbers on the fly.

Payment Terms: Pay the full amount today €325 or pay for this course over four monthly instalments (the first €82  today) using your credit or debit card. (the options present themselves at the checkout.)

The extended payment plan adds €3 to the cost of this course, the cost of additional processing only.