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Spoken Spanish

A proven fast track towards Spanish fluency

Been learning Spanish but need to step up to full conversational speed?

James Spanish School has a fast track online course, suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced students.

50 core lessons – delivered by streaming video, 50 spoken Spanish practice lessons, 100 hours of online video in all. With key learning aids, progress testing and tutor support.

Founder James Bretherton said today ‘My core course teaches the structure of the Spanish language and we do it fast. You can watch a free demonstration lesson here.

We have had an increasing number of intermediate and advanced students who are doing my  spoken Spanish lessons.  

To allow prospective students to get a feel for this second part of my curriculum, there is a now a demonstration video with small clips from the online practice lessons which I use to develop students’ ‘ear’. You can watch a video about the course and see samples from my Spoken Spanish lessons here. 

‘A true bilingual education and upbringing together with 16 years of teaching Spanish as spoken in Spain to large numbers of English speakers helped me develop a carefully structured and simplified lesson series, which rapidly provides the critical building blocks needed for fluency.

‘This core course has proven to be a significant benefit for students who have picked up a lot of vocabulary but have not been taught the basics. Suddenly, after completing the core course, they have the keys to the language, and they then can really soak up spoken Spanish in the next part of the course.

‘With our spoken Spanish lessons, we provide a lot of additional support, so that our students are extended, and of course, that means faster progress. The online practice sessions present students with a wide range of Spanish speakers from different regions and ages, and my more advanced students have very much enjoyed the challenges.

‘So, watch my spoken Spanish video, which will give you a glimpse of how you will be able to shift from slow and painful to full spoken/hearing Spanish learning to converse at ever-increasing speed over time, gradually getting up to machine-gun speed. ‘

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