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What students say!!

Read some recent Facebook comments and note the same themes, in what the student say.

Yvonne Beven  (LOS)

           I have been learning Spanish for 5 years with different teachers and various on line apps. 
           JSS is the best! Only been doing it for 2 weeks and understand more in that time than in the                 last 5 years. James makes sense of everything, and easy to understand.

Joanne Ainsworth 

Learnt more in that lesson (1) than a year on Duolingo. Very good verb formula & words ending

Nikki Ickley

Credit given where credit is due!

I’ve been learning Spanish sporadically for many years, starting with an A/S level in college when Jesus was a baby. Since then, I’ve tried countless apps, online tutors, f-2-f classes and text books, and always felt like my improvement has been marginal, and definitely not in-keeping with the time or money invested.

A few weeks ago, I randomly stumbled across James Spanish School and signed up for 50 on-demand lessons. I am shocked at how much I have learnt in just 14 hours. His teaching method is very unique and far superior to any academic class I have ever experienced. Most of you will know I have the attention span of a goldfish and get bored very easily, but I love that there’s loads of cultural information in addition to the language learning. The fact I’m still engaged post 10 hours (despite his dad jokes) is a miracle! 😬

Money well spent!.

If anybody is considering learning Spanish, I highly recommend this course.

It’s important to add that I haven’t been asked to leave a review, nor am I receiving commission!!!

Kudos James!

Gill Chaplin

Brill, worth every penny.

Keith Williams

I am really enjoying this excellent Spanish language course. James is absolutely brilliant – his way of teaching is so engaging and fun, it makes learning Spanish a real treat. The lessons are straightforward and really interesting. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn and improve their Spanish in a fun, easy-going way.

Chris Stallard

Best Spanish Teacher in all of Spain 

Marina Gavin-Mills

I’ve just finished the first fifty lessons and would highly recommend. I’ve done beginner Spanish so many times but never managed to move on until now. James had a unique approach and is a marvelous teacher. Even though much of the course was revision for me I can honestly say I learned something with every lesson and have moved on so much. Every lesson was enjoyable and the (very non PC) jokes had me spluttering my coffee on many occasions. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

 Karl Robins

Not only informative, but really enjoyable! We are about 14 lessons in and things are really beginning to make sense…simply explained and appropriately repetitive which suits very much our style of learning! Thanks to James! Very highly recommend!

Cathy Gutteridge

I’m doing the online course. I already knew some basic Spanish, so at lesson 9 I’m familiar with most of what’s been covered, but in every lesson James has explained, very clearly, points that I’ve previously found confusing, and coloquial phrases that none of my other classes have ever mentioned. The information about culture is really helpful too! I’m feeling very hopeful I may get to a stage where I’m not a rabbit in the headlights when my Spanish neighbours speak to me! 

Steve Lally

Hi all I’ve done Spanish classes in lots of different formats over the years, so the beginning was very much revision for me, but even so each lesson gave me great tips on how to remember and use words/ verbs. I’m really enjoying the course, so much so I’m gifting a subscription for the first course to my brother in the UK who has started learning Spanish .

Ian Quigley

I highly recommend this teaching approach to make learning Spanish fun , I still have a long way to go but every afternoon I look forward to my pre recorded lessons to learn at my own pace 

 Julia Ivil

Great course. Informative about Spanish culture as well as the language and makes me laugh out loud. Thank you

Sue Gunn

Worth going just to hear Jame’s one liners! Informs you of the spanish cultures too. A really good course

Tracy Francis

I signed up for online courses in November and have learned so much already and I’ve paid for endless lessons in the past, glasses of wine and pieces of cake to try and help . I’m building up my confidence again slowly as I really need to converse better and actually string sentences together easily and quickly, it’s also important to understand what people are replying to you or asking you which you cover so well in your course!! I’m so looking forward to the online conversational classes when I get to lesson 50, as I believe this will really help me move forward. I love the online tests which I like to go back over and really like to hear about the culture of Spain from your own experiences 

Greg Ross

James has perfected the art of the throw-away line, evidenced here, but he also happens to be a briiliant teacher, with a brilliant Spanish course. So many of us have bounced around trying one on one, bar classes, night school. books I can’t jump over. Yet James beats the lot

Jodie Beaky

I never really post much but for anyone thinking of purchasing this don’t hesitate. I’ve been trying podcasts, YouTube duolingo etc etc . But James’s course is different I’m only 16 weeks into the 50 week course but I’ve already learned so much in a different way including the Spanish culture which helps so much in understanding the language. I look forward to every lesson now . I actually feel now im going to succeed in learning Spanish for the first time. Coming from a thick Irish man . You won’t regret it.

laine Farrow

Just finished the core and spoken course. They are brilliant. I highly recommend these courses. Wish I’d known about James earlier.

Jill Elliott

The online courses are brilliant. You can go at your own pace repeat a class as many times as you need and he makes the class enjoyable with his funny jokes and remarks

Sheila Wiggett

Fantastic teacher and course. Informative and fun. Highly recommend James to teach you what you need to know. He’s definitely a one off

Roderick Baverstock -‘This course is the BEST !! I have done Duolingo and a couple of others for nearly two years and I have learned more Spanish in James first set of 10 lessons .

‘In addition , having moved to Spain permanently 6 months ago , I have learned so much about understanding why the Spanish do things that seemed strange to me ( like queuing ?🤷) and I can still be a “por favor “ if I wish but now have the confidence to engage in the correct way without feeling self conscious . Quiero is now engrained into my brain and I am speaking Spanish , Spanish .

‘I cannot recommend this course high enough .

‘The learning tips and tricks are great and James makes the courses fun and enjoyable which I guess makes it a lot easier to learn and retain the knowledge and at 76 it’s not that easy any more 🙄

‘This course was a complete game changer for me living in Spain full time ‘

‘James,  you set the bench mark that other people / companies offering Spanish tuition should strive for. I cannot thank you enough for getting me to not only learn Spanish , but to be comfortable integrating into the Spanish culture and way of life .

‘Something NON of the other courses did – your course is totally unique’ 🤩🥂🍾👍👍👍

Kate DP – ‘Really enjoying the online course and absolutely love James’s teaching method and humour. Wish I’d signed up years ago….VERY highly recommended Thanks James ‘

Carole Sommerville – ‘James is an amazing teacher and brings his own unique sense of humour to each and every lesson. Highly recommend his Spanish lessons’

Aileen Burges – ‘I really recommend this course for Brits wanting to learn Spanish . I have done various Spanish courses before, both online , and classroom, and I can say this one is the absolute best. I am on lesson 20 of the online course and am thoroughly enjoying it. The experience far exceeds all the other courses.’

Karen Joiner – ‘If you want to learn the Spanish language correctly James is your man. He also makes it fun when you are learning and also you learn the culture with some interesting facts.’

Beth Noon – ‘Highly recommended, we did the first year online now in the classroom. Enjoyed both and learned plenty.’

Tim Raphael -‘James Spanish School , this level of adoration, in Spanish, that’s adoración, as if you didn’t know, … could make you engreído …. Did I use a dictionary for that word … Seriously, you will not find a more complete language course anywhere, this is the best way to become part of Spain. Thanks James ‘

Frankie Harris -‘I love love love the way that James Spanish Schools teaches and my husband who hates books and has just started laughs out loud and everything is starting to stick – especially comiendo/comando!!! I am so delighted that he is actually beginning to be confident about learning – thank you James!!!’

Alison Carrick – ‘I’m now repeating all the earlier lessons on my daily walk and in the car to refresh my memory whilst continuing with new lessons. Great app, really effective lessons. Thanks James.’

Diane Cowley -‘James has a very unique way of helping you learn easily and drops in many interesting facts and customs of Spain. Definitely recommend you give it a go’

Nick Mooney – The App is amazing , very simple to use ,identical to the live classes I’m just finishing my first year and delighted with how simple James has made learning Spanish ! ‘

Ian Vowles -‘Excellent product , I am finding going back and doing over a lesson several times really helps, each time something more seems to stick . For those who are not Brits or familiar with British peculiarities some of James humour might be hard to understand, but the lessons are great.

‘So far , the first time I feel I am learning something . Previously I had an in person (professional teacher) in Mexico, but I retained almost nil . With James course l am recalling much more , plus laughing at his Brit stories which ring so many bells. The cultural tips are so helpful , understanding things makes huge difference in relaxing and integrating. Worth every penny !’

Sandra Issa – ‘Brilliant teacher, structured, fun and easily understood, also we learn about the culture of Spain as well which is very interesting. Highly recommend’

Andy Wright – ‘I can vouch for how effective the online lessons really are, I was a little apprehensive about joining at first as I did not really want to start from the beginning again as I already have 18 months of UK Spanish lessons under my belt, but James insists that everyone starts from his ‘beginning’ and I absolutely agree!

’James lessons are well structured and deliver what he promises, I am currently on lesson 28 and have learned an enormous amount, it has filled in the blanks for me and enabled me to construct sentences much better with a much wider vocabulary. Highly recommended ‘

Tracey Elliott – ‘I have tried several courses but enjoy and learn from this course the most. I also enjoy the little extra nuggets of useful information about the Spanish culture.’

Carol Larrabide – ‘James Spanish School is great. Done a few lessons then work got in the way, have started again from lesson 1, great that you can keep the videos and notes from the lessons and go over them time and again x Amazing what I remember going back over the lessons x’

Paul Webb -‘Excellent live school backed up with an excellent learning resource application! The spoken lessons online are invaluable’

Linda McMillan – ‘Fantastic teacher he makes the whole process of learning Spanish a journey not only does he make it simple to understand he teaches you about the culture as well.’

Carol Jane Macgregor – ‘Nothing else to say but the best class I’ve done, and I’ve lived in Spain for 17 years’

Tara Harris – ‘Consistency and practice is the only way to learn, what James has created here is the easiest system by which you can adhere to both. The app is amazing and has given me the freedom to carry on now we cannot attend the physical classes. Each lesson I listen to seems to be a lightbulb moment; James’s magical teaching system is like no other. Fantástico’

Lindy Twostep -‘I bought the online lessons during lockdown and registered for the classroom lessons as well. We started in the classroom in April and look forward to our weekly classes. James is funny, the lessons are well structured, and he includes things about the Spanish culture and directness of the Spanish language. Would definitely recommend the classes.’