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Expats in Spain ?    Learn Spanish faster

Moving to Spain or here already? Its about time. James Spanish School (JSS )Principal James Bretherton says, ‘Time is the issue. It’s not unlimited. So, to progress you need to make your learning time really count. We teach expats what they need to have everyday conversations with neighbours, officials, shop staff, tradespeople, and health professionals and help them ‘tune’ their ears for Spanish conversation.’
This language school specialises in teaching Spanish to English-speaking adults, mainly British expats. It has become a standout success because of its simplified learning techniques and fun approach. It offers online lessons, which can be done with smartphones, tablets, computers or all three. Online, you can study at your own pace, fast or slow, any time 24x 7.  Sounds interesting?  Now you can watch a free demonstration lesson, discover more about the course and get an important cultural tip. And we will send you more information and you can watch the demo lesson as soon as you hit submit.