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Distance learning with James Spanish School

You can complete the first 50 lesson course online, from home, with streaming videos and study notes delivered remotely and then move onto the spoken Spanish course

With online tests confirming progress, this initial 50 lesson course can be completed with as much speed or leisure as you wish. We have some online students completing the full first-year course in less than a month ahead of Spanish holidays or a move there, but others aim to complete the course in a year or more.

The average online lesson length is 45 minutes, that equates to over an hour in the classroom, as there is no whiteboard scribbling from, and no extensive notes being written up by students.

Each block of 10 lessons includes the coursework in both PDF and word format for easy printing. For active students, the lessons can be re-watched as many times as you like, there is no time limit for them.  You can watch a short demonstration lesson here

The course curriculum and index are provided with the lesson blocks. The index allows you to hone on subjects in past lessons for revision. 

There are tests to be completed to assess your progress and homework on certain lessons that need you to practice to get the concept. Not all lessons have homework, but the further you get in to the course the more homework there is, it is corrected on the next video lesson so no need to forward it to me.

The first block of ten lessons only has a test at the end, the last block of ten has homework every lesson!

You can then moved onto the intermediate and advanced spoken Spanish lessons.

To see what is ahead of you, you can look at a short demo on the spoken Spanish lessons. To see that click here!!

The videos are streamed to you, so they take up zero space on your internet device so you don’t need the 400 gigs of hard drive space they occupy, but you can still replay them time after time.

To study remotely, you need reasonable broadband speed and a tablet or a computer ideally. However, some of our students watch streaming video lessons on their smartphones.

A printer to output the downloadable notes is handy. However, some students prefer to handwrite the notes as part of their learning routine.

Online lessons cost €5 each in packs of ten or €225 (less than £200 at current rates) for the 50-lesson online course paid in advance.  

You can pay with a credit or debit card, on the website for your first pack, and you can watch the intro video inside 24 hours.

You can order course lesson blocks, either the first ten lessons or the 50 lesson block here.

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