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James Spanish School classroom courses 

These weekly classes are for English speaking adults with no Spanish to intermediate Spanish, with little spoken confidence. They focus on the structure of the Spanish language,  preparing you for the quite intense Spoken Spanish practice lessons that follow.

In the classroom, the core 1-50 lessons take a year to complete with time for revision during each week

These classroom lessons are not for confident intermediate or advanced students, they should do the Core 1-50 lessons online in 4-8 weeks and then slot into a Spoken Spanish class, by arrangement. There is a cast iron guarantee for these students (read all about it here)

Register now to be in our March 2023 intake. The list of registrants is already long. The first lesson will be on Monday March 13th at 3pm. and weekly thereafter.

If you don’t want to wait until March 2023, you can do the exact same core lessons online at speed, just the first batch of 1-10 or 1-20 or 1-30 classes and by arrangement join a class that started some weeks ago and is moving steadily through the lessons. A very popular option is to do all the Core lessons online and come into the classroom for the Spoken Spanish practice lessons.

James said today ‘The demand just keeps growing. Recommendations from happy students have always been the driver in filling my classes and now more than ever.

’My classroom students can watch on their phones, tablets or computers the lesson they have just done. Great if they miss a class for a doctor’s appointment or for part of their learning and revision process.

‘Being able to revise classroom lessons online has lifted the standards student are reaching, this makes for happy students. And their happiness is catching’

‘People for whom English is their second or third language should note there is an advantage in doing this course online rather than in the classroom. As James is a native English speaker he talks quite quickly, the online lessons can be slowed down, which can make James easier to understand. 

Lesson cost is €7 per student weekly, payable at the end of each hour-long lesson.

Register NOW on the form below, if you live within 30km of Pilar de la Horadada and you fit the profile above.

Note we have asked for your phone number. We will ONLY use this to text you, if I or my team need to ask for confirmation you will be joining a class, we offer you and you don’t respond to emails.

Please note, an email, WhatsApp, text or Facebook message or a conversation will not get you registered for a class.

You MUST fill in this Registration form below for each person, then you will be notified of your registration by email. (If a couple you will eventually need two different email addresses)

If in the meantime if you have any friends that would like to join with you, please get them to register too.

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