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Classroom courses..

James Spanish School is in Pilar de la Horadada at Calle Cabo Pedro Gracia 16, or you can just put “James Spanish School” into Google Maps. (There is free parking nearby, and we have wheelchair access).

I have students from as far away as La Mata, north of Torrevieja and from Torre-Pacheco and Los Alcázares to the south, in my classroom.

We start new beginner’s classes every six months or so. Times are as early as 9 a.m. and as late as 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday. The next class start will not be before September 2024. Date and time as yet unknown. These are an hour long and run at the same time every week, whether it is a Bank holiday (Spanish red day) or not. The only break is Christmas and New Year.

The focus is on speaking Spanish so that you can talk to neighbours and tradespeople, in shops, with health professionals, in bars and restaurants, etc.

JSS courses focus on spoken Spanish, not A, B, or C grades with acutes and grammar names. If you need those or are offended by politically incorrect humour (which my students love), then they are not for you.

We like to start the 50 core lesson classes with about 25-30 people and end up with 15-20 when we get to Spanish conversation. (Only students who pass the final verb test graduate to Spoken Spanish.)

All classroom students receive access each week to the streaming video with the exact same content as the lesson they did with me in the classroom. If you are on holiday or at the Doctor’s and miss a lesson, you can catch up by watching the lesson online. 

Everybody has their own folder, and the lessons are uploaded each week automatically so that you can watch them as a way of revision (it is not a video of the actual class with you sitting there) but the online course video with the lesson notes.

You can view a short demonstration lesson here. 

The lessons can be re-watched as many times as you like. There is no time limit for them. 

There are also tests to be completed to assess your progress and homework on specific lessons that require you to practice to grasp the concept. Not all lessons have homework, but the further you get into the course, the more homework there is. 

The first block of ten lessons only has a test at the end; the last block of ten has homework every lesson!

So you can see what will be ahead of you, we have produced a video with more details about the course, which includes a montage of the spoken Spanish practice lessons. The full Spanish practice lesson videos we use for Year Two are over an hour in length and are so intense that they are split into two or sometimes three parts to give your brain a rest. Click here to watch this video about the course.

The classroom lessons cost seven euros per week per student. You can watch the lesson on video with its notes. This amount is payable at the end of the lesson. No advance payments are required.

It is possible to start via the online course and then switch to classroom courses later.

Online students who have completed blocks 21-30, 31-40, or 41-50 or more, including quizzes, may be able,  by arrangement, to join smaller Pilar de la Horadada classes at an appropriate level.  

 Register now on the menu at the top of the website page to join the classroom waiting list for future classroom start. (There, you will see the upcoming dates- if they are known)

 Note that if you are a confident intermediate or advanced student, these classes will be too slow, as it takes a year to reach the level needed for Spoken Spanish courses. You can take these core classes online in six weeks or less and then go straight into a Spoken Spanish course in the classroom or online.

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